Heartland Volleyball Officials Association

The Goals of our Association are:

1.  To improve area volleyball officiating.
2.  To gain a better understanding and interpretation of  
     volleyball rules and situations.
3.  To become a single unit in discussing matters with the
4.  To assist area Athletic Directors in finding competent
     volleyball officials
5.  To work toward uniformity in volleyball officiating fees.
Annual Fees:  $15.00
Benefits To You:

1.  The Association meets several times a year to discuss
     new rules, review old rules, review game situations, give
     each other moral support, and provide constructive
     assistance to each other to improve our skills.
2.  We have conducted an IHSA santioned clinic in during
     the past several years.  Your encouraged to help out
     putting on the clinic.
3.  Our HVOA web site is used to get your name out to
     Athletic Directors and they in turn use it to find
     officials for matches.
4.  We just try to have FUN!!!!
How To Join! 

Click here to get a form you can print and send to the Association, or

Contact any HVOA member (list of members), or

Contact our Secretary/Treasurer/Membership Chairperson - Jori Cooper-Lawson